Friday, October 23, 2009

April 2009 - grind despite the great

It's incredible how your focus narrows when you're establishing a routine.  Going back to school like I was with the Architecture classes at Pierce, I was so involved in the projects and class meetings and deadlines and so caught up in the speed of it all.  Looking back on that time, my months were dense with individual events, whereas classes seem like the backdrop now that they should have been at the time.


In April, I spent a week in Santa Cruz over my spring break, then Nicole came down for Easter, which we had with her family at the Marriott.  We binged ourselves on tiny confections and baked goods, for the dessert smorgasbord kept changing colors and shapes, and we had to try them all.  Before Easter, of course, came Passover though.  We had a seder with Lara and Sam and everyone at our apartment - the most riotous and unorthodox seder ever (not one, but two organs on the plate) - and then another seder with my family at their house. 

Then I met with Mike to try to put organize a community engagement initiative with our fellow Angelenos - UBLA (Unified for a Better LA).  We had opportunities lining up through the rest of the month and beyond to get people involved.  Gio's birthday happened, as did Lily's and my dad's.  I met with Kyle's dad, talking about his work with the Santa Susanna Mountain Preservation Association.  I drove to Monterey Park to buy snake plants from a nice young mother type, and then the next week to Riverside to drop off homebrew entries for my brother.

* * * * *

In April, in school, I had twenty-five class meetings, two projects, and one field trip.

* * * * *

At the time though, school probably took up a lot more of my mind.  Perspective, right?

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