Thursday, October 22, 2009

March 2009 - up and down

My March calendar reads like a ping pong game played across latitude lines.  Nicole in LA, Matt in Santa Cruz, Nicole in LA, Matt in Santa Cruz, etc.  That's a bit of a theme for the ensuing few months, but I think it was at its most regular in March.  A pretty good rally, I'd say.

Sam and I were at our all time peak of banjo interest, so we got acrylic nails on our picking' hands.  That was an interesting new sensation.  I still wish I had gotten them painted too, but considering the benefits were pretty marginal, I don't think I'll give it another chance.  Besides, they really got in the way of climbing.

One break in the ping pong game was meeting halfway for a night of camping on the central coast.  We slept out there on a cold night, one of the last of the winter, and then drove a bit to see elephant seals - so fat! - and then head down to LA for the remaining bit of time she had.  It was her spring break.  Mine would come in April.

Right at the end of the month, another era began.  Foxman and I no longer were living alone in our apartment.  His girlfriend, Jessi, moved in on the 31st, having come all the way from Milwaukee to live with the man.

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