Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Old Bedroom

Maybe I was just staring at my blog, thinking about writing something for it. Maybe I was doing this just now, and maybe I realized that the green and white theme is very similar to what I painted my old bedroom in my parent's house after moving back home after getting my bachelor's. Green walls, white trim.

Some people claim that green is a color of illness. The M&M/Mars Corporation contests that it is the color of passion. I generally prefer M&Ms to "some people," anyway. More dependably pleasing on the tongue, for starters.

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Shnickie said...

You're taking history out of context, my friend. Let us review.

The only reason that M&M's candy corporation made green the "color of passion" is because in the 1970's red got recalled because it was colored with dye that was poisoning us. Merely 10 years later, M&M's candy corporation (AKA: Mars), realized that the public had forgotten about the "red scare" and decided to bring it back, but just to make sure, they made red the "spokes-candy", along with his peanutty friend yellow.

In the 1990's, they realized they needed a girl spokes-candy, and brought green in (voiced by some minor rock star whose name I forget), along with some other cast member like "cool blue" and "neurotic orange", so as not to make the new feminine addition seem too contrived. If they had a choice, I would assume they would have picked red to be the color of passion, but they had already made red the Timon to yellow's Pumba.

So you see, them calling green the color of passion is a marketing ploy of convenience, nothing more. Anyway, who cares about red and green, blue is the best color anyway!

Thank you Fast Food Nation!