Monday, October 19, 2009

December 2008 - typical socal winter wonderland

With the beginning of December, two things became official - Nicole and me, and Foxman and me.  One I was kissing a lot and the other I was moving in with.

My dad and I ran up to the Ranch to do so some upkeep on the remnants of our past lives we keep up there.  I did find a lot of goodies in the trailer though, goodies with which to fill my new apartment.  Sarah came into town and she and Gio and I went down to the Grove to hang out and see Milk, a perfect Christmas time story. 

Then it was all art galleries in Venice, rock climbing, sailing with Uncle Bob, going out to see the Nutcracker at the Music Center, Chanukah singalongs, Nicole in Hawaii, and caroling around the neighborhood with a mug of cocoa (spiked graciously, thanks to Shoghi's heavy hand).

When Nicole got back we launched immediately into a road trip that took us from the leaky palms of LA to the frozen boulders of Joshua Tree National Park and then up through the Sierras and down to her new home in Santa Cruz.  We moved in most of her belongings and slept on a bed made of an aggregation of couch cushions in the middle of her new bedroom.

We ended up back in LA, at Byran's loft downtown, for New Years, which involved a giant red eye and the phrase "HYPNOBELLY" painted on my abdomen, fire spinning on the roof, some very drunk people, sushi by Sam, some very high people, and just generally a lot of 'very' things going on.  And friends, good friends too.

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