Tuesday, October 20, 2009

January 2009 - east by northeast by north

After recovering from New Years on the 1st, I flew to New York City on the 2nd.  This was a 3 day stopover on my way to Israel for my birthright trip.  I met Dani there and we stayed with his family on Long Island and then with Danny Gurman in the East Village.

It was pleasantly cold and there was snow on the ground in places.  I spent some time walking in the park and wandering up and down 5th Ave.  Then Danny led us into a subterranean sake bar, where I had coaxed Becky into meeting us, and then we ventured upstairs on another block to a soviet themed drinking establishment.  The next day it was to Newark early in the morning to catch our plane to the Holy Land.

That trip felt like at least a month on its own, so there really is no way to go into details.  We bussed around, camped in the desert, drank drank drank, danced danced, hiked hiked hiked, and were constantly amused and in awe of our guide, Jared.  This was all during the most recent war in Gaza.  The closest we got to any missiles was a lone rogue coming out of Syria from the North, some 15 miles from where we were that day.  So no worries, really.  Alright, I'm still totally giddy that I was within 15 miles of an actual Middle-Eastern missile attack.

Then it was back to Newark, then to Los Angeles.  The flight home was incredible.  From New Jersey to the Sierra Nevadas, the entire country was coated in thick white frosting.  I remember staring out my window the entire flight, though I'm sure I passed in and out of consciousness considering that was still a continuation of the day before for me.

The following weekend it was time to go visit Nicole in Santa Cruz, and then to Berkeley for Burnlesque, a sexy little burner party in downtown Oakland with Mr. Mann and Ms. Bouncy.  Eventually I would stay home for longer than a week, I promise.  It started in February.

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