Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 2008 - every weekend an adventure

Weekend the first:  
"Basic skills" tests not generally causing my heart to palpitate, I was too relaxed the morning of the CBEST and almost missed the strictly enforced start time.  The test itself was the piece of cake I had ordered, though I didn't chew it enough before swallowing.  The essay prompts were infantile - "tell a story of a success in difficult circumstances" - but I realized too late that perhaps I shouldn't treat them as such.  Sitting there, at a desk in my old high school, taking a test containing questions more appropriate for elementary school, I wondered then how I could inflict that 'education' on other people, even if they were just children still.

That night, I made a killer picnic dinner and Megan and Nate and I went to the Iron and Wine and Swell Season concert at the Greek Theatre.  It was brilliant!

Weekend number two:
Nicole and I went to the beach in Hermosa and bonded in a completely nonsexual fashion, as she was still with Guy-who-does-yoga-and-refuses-to-speak-to-her-now.  Cold night, but warm thoughts. 

Weekend III:
People had somehow convinced me to attend SoCal DeCom, a mid-sized(?) burner party about eighty miles east of San Diego, in the desert, just above the Mexican border.  I got intoxicated, stayed up most of the night, couldn't sleep during the day because of the heat, went shooting with a bunch of burners who really like their guns, went on little walks, bonded more with Nicole, saw a jackrabbit or two, and wandered off alone the second night there because it felt like the right thing to do.

Possibly best of all, on the second morning, I walked up a nearby hill as the sun was rising, found a circular pit full of animal bones, some charred, some clean, and then I took off some clothes and lay down on the cold, hard dirt, and napped as the world warmed up around me. 

The Fourth Weekend:
Nothing noteworthy apparently.  Must have slept through the whole darn thing. 

Not a proper weekend, it being a Friday and all, but it's worth mentioning that my sister and I threw a joint party full of pumpkins, food, punch, dry ice, and hot tubbing.  Fun had by all!

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Best Halloween Party EVER.